Article Title

Exile Vol. V No. 2



Jamais (poem) by Iris Carroll 6

The Minister's Narcissus by Julia Santucci 7-18

DRAWING by Anne Irgens 12

Solitude (poem) by Christine Condit 18

Island Lady's Bill-Green Sky (poem) by Robert Wehling 19

Looking for Enchantment (poem) by Dennis Trudell 19

Silence (woodcut) by Carol Wilson 20

Saturday Night (story) by Ed Grimm 21-25

On Unemployment (poem) by William Bennett 25

Atlas (poem) by Bob Canary 26

A Psychology of Confrontation (essay) by Barbara Haupt 27-35

Urban (woodcut) by Carol Wilson 36

The Way They Make Guys (story) by Dennis Trudell 37-38

"This story ["The Minister's Narcissus"] by Julia Santucci has been awarded the semi-annual EXILE-Denison Bookstore creative writing prize." (pg 18)


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