Article Title

Exile Vol. XLVII No. 1


45th Year

Title Page 3

Epigraph by Ezra Pound 5

Table of Contents 7

Contributors Notes 63-64

Editorial Board 65


Untitled by Geoff Peart '02 8

Untitled by Tanya Sheremeta '01 14

Untitled by Tanya Sheremeta '01 17

Untitled by Tanya Sheremeta '01 19

Untitled by Geoff Peart '02 23

Untitled by Alan Palmer '02 45

Untitled by Derek Mong '04 51

Untitled by Geoff Peart '02 62


Traveling Home by Katie Kroner '01 9

Lychee and Black Beans by Jenny Silva '02 10-13

The City of Ends by Mary Ann T. Davis '00 18

The Children by the Road by Chris Million '02 20-21

Shoes by Jessica Kramer '03 22

to conceive by Tom Hankinson '02 46

I Watch When He Stops Her, Tuesday, in Passing by Mary Ann T. Davis '00 49

Calling Famine to End by Katie Kroner '01 50

Migrane by Jenny Silva '02 59-61


Slumber Party by Derek Mong '04 15-16

Twelfth Street, Canton by Dan Rohrer '03 24-44

Seraphina by Jenny Silva '02 47-48

14:58:42-15:14:23 (or: 15 Minutes in the Black Heart of American Consumerism) by Brad Reed '02 52-58

"All submissions are reviewed on an anonymous basis, and all editorial decisions are shared equally among the members of the Editorial Board." -65

"Cover Art "Untitled by Derek Mong '04 / Back Cover Art "Untitled" by Alan Palmer '02" -65

"Printed by Printing Arts Press" -65


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