Article Title

Exile Vol. XLV No. 1


43rd Year

Title Page 3

Epigraph by Ezra Pound 5

Table of Contents 7

Contributors Notes 63-64

Editorial Board 65-66


Untitled by Sara Randall Almirall '99 8

Untitled by Peter Rees '99 12

Untitled by Amy Deaner '99 25

The Road Not Taken by Nancy Fan Wu '99 28

Untitled by John Joseph Novak II '99 34

Butterfly by David Fry '99 45

Untitled by Camille Gammon-Hittelman '99 48

Crucifixion by John Joseph Novak II '99 60

White Elephants and Shadowbirds by Abigail Marie Young '99 62


Choosing Mums by Katie Kroner '01 9

Israel by Bekah Taylor '00 10-11

upon hearing monk by Jamie Kijowski '99 24

Cameroon by Mary Ann T. Davis '01 26-27

¿Cómo define la belleza? by Edward S. Knotek II '00 35

My Island by Seth Ireland '00 36-37

for her belly by Bekah Taylor '00 44

Tongue Depressor by Tom Hankinson '02 46

Manhood by K. Moore '01 47

Cold Hands by Seth Ireland '99 61


What's Keeping Us Together by Seth Ireland '99 13-23

A Fitting Return by Hillary Campbell '00 29-33

Flight Delay by Paul Durica '99 38-43

Storyteller by Emily Vogel '99 49-59

"All submissions are reviewed on an anonymous basis, and all editorial decisions are shared equally among the members of the Editorial Board." -65

"Cover Art "Untitled" by Amy Deaner '99 / Back Cover Art "Neil" by Sara Almirall '99" -66

"Printing by Printing Arts Press" -66


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