Article Title

Exile Vol. XLIV No. 2


42nd Year

Title Page 3

Epigraph by Ezra Pound 5

Table of Contents 7

Contributor's Notes 61-62

Editorial Board 63-64


Exile Talks to Reginald McKnight by Paul Durica '00 and Alison Stine '00 21-27


Roles We Play by John Novak '99 8

Passages to the Self by Kira Becker '00 20

Untitled by Kris Lewis '99 29

Untitled by Camille Gammon-Hittelman '99 39

Untitled Erin King '98 42

Untitled by John Novak '99 50

Self-Portrait by Cori Barto '98 58

Phantom by John Novak '99 60


Artichoke by Colin Bossen '98 9

Salt by Alison Stine '00 10-11

Shift Change by Angel Lemke '00 28

I could be Sylvia Plath by erin malone '00 30-31

Aloe Vera by Bekah Taylor '00 38

The Wig by Alison Stine '00 40-41

velcro by Danielle Burhop '01 47

The Law of Falling Bodies by Colin Bossen '98 48-49

Summit by Bekah Taylor '00 59


Left by Lyn Tramonte '98 12-19

Black Waters, Strong Currents, and Jaws by Paul Durica '00 32-37

Red Elephants? by Ben Sutherly '98 43-46

Horses by Alison Stine '00 51-57

"All submissions are reviewed on an anonymous basis, and all editorial decisions are shared equally among the members of the Editorial Board." -63

"Cover Art "Self-Portrait" by Melissa Morgan '98 / Title Page Art "Untitled" by Kris Lewis '99 / Back Cover Art "Untitled" by Camille Gammon-Hittelman '99" -64


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