Article Title

Exile Vol. XLIV No. 1


42nd Year

Title Page i

Epigraph by Ezra Pound ii

Table of Contents iii

Contributors Notes 63-64

Editorial Board 65-66


Exile Talks to Poet Deborah Digges by Colin Bossen '98 29-32


Untitled by Kate Graf '00 5

Body by Todd Gys '99 10

Untitled by Anne Couyoumjian '00 19

Untitled by Sam H. Dodson IV '98 25

Untitled by Ashley Puckett '00 33-34

Untitled by Frederick Learey 39

Untitled by Bryan Zink '98 41

Untitled by Michael Klabunde '99 49

Red, Black, Yellow, White by S. O'Farrell '00 62


Las Flores de la Luna by Edward Knotek II '00 1

auction by erin malone '00 2

The Writer's Wife by Alison Stine '00 3-4

In the Kitchen by Colin Bossen '98 9

Cliché by Angel Lemke '00 11-12

Your Worshipfulness by Bekah Taylor '00 20

Thoughts on a Word: A Song of No Joy in Six Parts by Colin Bossen '98 21-22

The Tearoom by Latisha Newton '98 23

Nurtural Selection by Bekah Taylor '00 26-28

Marriage Rites by Bekah Taylor '00 40

Mi Abuelita by Latisha Newton '98 42

An Elegy for Allen Ginsberg by Colin Bossen '98 43-44

circles by erin malone '00 45-46

Lot of My Sister by Alison Stine '00 47-48


Angora by Paul Durica '00 6-8

Too Many Words by Hillary Campbell '00 13-18

Underpass by Kristina Gavin '01 24

The Rest by Alison Stine '00 35-38

Siesta After Finals by Paul Durica '00 50-61

"All submissions are reviewed on an anonymous basis, and all editorial decisions are shared equally among the members of the Editorial Board." -65

"Cover Art "Untitled by Michael Klabunde '99 / Inside Cover Art "Untitled" by Michael Klabunde '99" -66


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