Article Title

Exile Vol. XLIII No. 1


41st Year

Title Page 1

Epigraph by Ezra Pound 2

Table of Contents 3

Shame(d) by alex e. blazer 4

enter play by alex e. blazer 5

sunday's sex ed fundamentals by alex e. blazer 6

Dancing, Dedicated to Shannon by Paul Genesius Durica 7-8

On the Rocks by Katie Keller 9-10

In Heritage Station, Huntington, WV by Trish Klei 11

Untitled by Tyler Smith 12-14

Untitled by Camille Gammon-Hittelman 15

Untitled by erika laine hansen 16

Androgynous Implications by Elizabeth Nutting 17

Patterns of the Clouds by Angela Rae Bliss 18

Sister, Sister, Aspirations by Elizabeth Nutting 19

Sick Girl by Helena Jasna Oroz 20-21

The Television Era by Trish Klei 22

I'm Mistaken; He's Alive by Bekah Taylor 23

Crucifixion on the Corner of State and Bruening by Paul Genesius Durica 24-25

reLiAnce: CorKscrews by Bekah Taylor 26

Colors of the Beast by Helena Jasna Oroz 27

Development by Brian P. Voroselo 28-31

Untitled by Peter Rees 32

Public Bathhouse by Paul Genesius Durica 33

The Sound of Silence Upon the Onyx Wall of Memories by Angela Rae Bliss 34

Untitled by Peter Rees 35

Empress by Paul Genesius Durica 36-37

Life is what you make it by Cathy Graham 38-42

Untitled by Peter Rees 43

Competition by Bekah Taylor 44

changeling by Casey McArdle 45

A Kiss is Just a Kiss, A Lick is Just a Lick by Helena Jasna Oroz 46

the-r-apist by alex e. blazer 47

Gone by Latisha Newton 48

Sonnet by Touch by Trish Klei 49

Contributors' Notes 49-51

Staff Page & Editorial Policy 52

"Editorial decisions are shared equally among the editorial board. Submissions are judged on a name-blind basis. Members of boards whose own work is under consideration must abstain from discussion regarding that work." -52


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