Article Title

Exile Vol. XLII No. 1


40th Year

Title Page by Sakura Yamamoto '97 i

Epigraph by Ezra Pound ii

Table of Contents iii /

Untitled (artwork) by Gretchen Hambly '96 iv

Breughel Again, Brussels by Adrienne Fair '96 1

for play with whitman by alex e blazer '97 4

Saeta Sunday by Carl Boon '96 5

An Abbreviated Life by Mike Westmoreland 6

Anthem of Governor's Bay by Jamey Hein '96 7-10

Time is everywhere, yet nowhere (artwork) by Susanne Ducker '96 11

Crosses by Liz Bolyard '96 12

Raccoons at the Cats' Food by Jennifer Rudgers '96 13-14

Father Federico by Trish Klei '97 15

Dream Poem I by Colin Bossen '98 16

Virgin Mary in Kentucky by Amy Ard '96 17

the jig is up by alex e blazer '97 18-20

Visiting Uncle Ernie by Liz Bolyard '96 21-22

A Capuchin Monk by Linda Fuller-Smith 23

Sunday, October 15, 1995 by Carl Boon '96 24

Old Man and the Marriage Party by Trish Klei '97 25

Untitled (artwork) by Gretchen Hambly '96 26

Cowboy Up by J. Murdoch Be Matheson '96 27-34

Fragments by Colin Bossen '98 35

meditation (artwork) by alex e blazer '97 36

Palazzo Rezzonico by Linda Fuller-Smith 37

A Poem About The Photographic Imprint I Would Leave If A Nuclear Bomb Hit Nearby As I Took Out The Trash One Night by Trish Klei '97 38

The Crazies I've Called by Julie Johnston '96 39-46

Contributors' Notes 47-48

Editorial Board 49

"Editorial decisions are shared equally among the Editorial Board." -49

"Cover art by alex emmons" -49


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