"The August Rose" by Virginia Wallace 8-12

"Beyond the Bauxite Mines" by Barbara Ann Jucius 15-19

"The Harvest" by Anne Irgens 20-21

"Recurrence: A Prose Poem" by Nikos Stangos 22-27

"The Day of the Painters" by Edmund Boynton 28-35

"Sophomore Slump" by Jerilyn Robey 37-43


"These Woods" by Barbara Haupt 12

"The Accused" by Ellen Moore 13

"Aberration" by Barbara Haupt 19

"Hate Eats" by Karen Howey 21

"Evanescence" by Sandra Miskelly 36

"Thoughts of You" by William K. Lewis 36

"Three Songs" by Nikos Stangos 44

"In this issue the editors of EXILE are proud to publish "The Accused" by Ellen Moore. This poem has been awarded the semi-annual Denison Book Store - EXILE Creative Writing Prize."


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