Article Title

Exile Vol. XXXVII No. 2


Once and for All by Michael Payne 1

Alone Over The Trees by John Stoddard 2

Caught You by Nancy Booth 3

Mother's Words by Julie Green 4-10

His Token by Donna Marie Voldness 11-12

Global Warming by Eric Franzon 13-14

Amish Mystery by Shannon Salser 15

For Peace by Robin Schneider 16-18

Elvis, the Lizard King, and Me by Stewart Engesser 19-22

Norpell Woods by Brandon Pfeiffer 23

Blue Suit, Red Dog by Jack Beck 24

I Am Without My List of Excusses [sic] by Douglas George 25

Somtimes - Satre Would Not Be Proud by Dana Wells 26

The Flock by Carter Holland 27-33

Dance of Alabaster by Jay Speiden 34

Winter Solstice by K. Lynn Rogers 35-36

Fish Story by Jim Dixon 37-42

Slumming by Stewart Engesser 43

Beached by Chris Dealy 44

The Missing Man by Tom Ream 45-47

Elegy by Scott Dexter 48

"Close Range" by Jay Speiden 49

No Longer by Shannon Salser 50

In A Bar In Georgetown, Colorado 1990 by John Stoddard 51

untitled by Brian Wills 52

"Editorial decision is shared equally among the Editorial Board." -i

"Cover: Megan Doyle" -i

NOTE: I Am Without My List of Excusses [sic] by Douglas George 25 is listed as I Am Without My List of Excuses on page 25. The published table of contents is followed here.


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