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Exile Vol. XXXVII No. 1


And It Was Sunday by Julie Gruen 1-6

Like a Lady by Grace Mulvihill 7

The Final You by Eric Franzon 8

Joseph's Children by Seneca Murley 9

Ain't the 1950s Anymore by Ellen Stader 10-12

Bonding Women by Shannon salser 13

Ice Man (for mami 1905-1975) by Anne Mulligan 14

The Car Salesman by Tom Ream 15

Cancelling the Bunny by Stewart Engesser 16-17

Richard Brautigan's Body by Michael Payne 18-19

Dinner in Barcelona by Holly Kurtz 20

Untitled by Margaret Strachen 21

Candles by Eric Franzon 22

Summer Rules by Jim Cox 23-31

My Boat by Holly Kurtz 32

Untitled by Michael Payne 33

Half the Birds in the City by Tiffany Richardson 34-35

Down Queen Anne Hill by Julie Gruen 36-37

Your Music by Tim Emrick 38

Zephyrs by Steve Corinth 39-41

Mother by Anne Mulligan 42

As I Look to the Sky, Maize by Shannon Salser 43-45

Close Book before Striking by Sarah Verdon 46-47

Smoked by Tom Ream 48

Driving through Rain by Stewart Engesser 49-50

Contributors 51

"Editorial decision is shared equally among the Editorial Board." -i

35th Year


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