Article Title

Exile Vol. XXXVI No. 1


untitled by Nichola Gracille (Cover)

Words by Kent Lambert 1

Talk by Richard Latimer 2

Storm Passing by Ben Kell 3

untitled by Ed Stanley 4

I Again Awake by Sharnon Salser 5-6

Demigods and Demons by Kent Lambert 7

untitled by Tim Loving 8

Apology by Kelly Bondurant 9-10

Guest Speaker by Ann Mierson 11

untitled by Nicalas Gracilla 12

Watching for Minnows by Kent Lambert 13

Thunderbird by Kelly Bondurant 14-16

Glendalough (St. Kevin) by Ben Kell 17-18

Untitled by Craig Bagno 19

Flying Machines In Pieces On The Ground by Kelly Bondurant 20

Tuesday, December 13, 1988 Bill & Walt's Toy Shoppe by Alexander Speyer 21

Weathered Wood by Kelly Bondurant 22

Above Grey Water by Susanna Duff 23-25

untitled by Ed Stanley 26

Contributor's Notes 27

"Editorial decision is shared equally among the Editorial Board" -i


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