Article Title

Exile Vol. XXXV No. 2


Peter Goes Groovy, by Carolyn Bern (cover)

I Hate Poetry by Craig Bagno 1

Truancy by Richard Latimer 2

I ate a Star Last Night by Rory Herbster 3

Delivery by Amy Judge 4

Untitled by Sue McLain 5

Road Signs by Richard Latimer 7-8

Haiku for Me to Possess by Shannon J. Salser 9

Patches by Michael Payne 10

Untitled by Laura Johnson 11

He by Kent Lambert 13

At the Corner Grill by Lynn Pendleton 14-15

Black Licorice by Richard Latimer 16-17

Blue Shirt by Michael Payne 18

...Loves a Clown by Margaret Dawson 21-24

The Surreal Sonnet by Shannon J. Salser 26

Untitled by Mat Benson 27

Swimming Lessons by Richard Latimer 29

Communion by Amy Judge 30

Beth's Last Funny Joke by Ted Gould 31-35

Hope for a Peaceful Coming Around by Shannon J. Salser 36

Untitled by Laura Johnson 37

A Child's Moment by Peter Witonsky 39

Observation by Rosemary Walsh 40

Untitled by Carolyn Burns 41

To My Sister by Amy B. Judge 43

Ideas In Bloom by Randy Casden 44

Untitled by Deb Tily 45

A Child of Mind by Charles Riedinger 47

Ars Poetica by Rory Herbster 48

Untitled by Mat Benson 49


Dancer by Bradford Cover 52

Skin Deep by Eric Whitney 53-55

Sunset by Chris Rynd 56

"Editorial decision is shared equally among the Editorial Board Members" -cover page

"The editors of Exile would like to formally apologize to those contributors whose works were misprinted in the Fall issue. We have reprinted a few of the pieces that contained the most errors." -51

NOTE: An uncredited and untitled piece of artwork appears on page 19.

NOTE: Carolyn "Bern" (cover) "Burns" (41) and "Berns" (contributor notes) all appear to refer to the same artist.


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