Article Title

Exile Vol. XXXIV No. 2



The Race and the Load by Rhonwen Churchill (cover)

Population 6 by Rory Herbster 5

Untitled by Itar 9

Untitled by Itar 17

Untitled by Itar 25

Floating Nude by Shelley Dicerson 27

Valley of Fire, New Mexico by Pam Schilling 33

Untitled by Rhonwen churchill 39

Merely Players by Rhonwen Churchill 43

Newark at Night by Rob Myers 55

Torso II by Shelley Dickerson 57

Untitled by Don Jacobs 61

Serenade by Jenny Smith 65


Untitled by Lauren Williams 11-15

A Subtle Change in the Flowers by Zach Smith 30-32

Documenting Secrets by Laura Munson 47-52


Ars Poetica by David Zivan 3

Jesse James In Wax by Itar 4

Catechism by Jennie Dawes 7

Silent State by Cam Martin 8

Red Rock Mound by Itar 16

Almost There by Chris Hanson 19

In Memory by Kent Lambert 20-23

Driving Cross-Country by David Zivan 24

Yoga At Sunrise by Itar 35-36

His Photograph by Debra Benko 37

Appalachian Spring by Jennie Dawes 38

My Proposal by Liza Jones 41

Spheres of Influence by Zach Smith 42

The Eros Motel by Cam Martin 45

A Sacrificial Science by Jen Druley 46

Bird's-Eye View by Itar 53

Driving by David Zivan 54

Mobile Home In The Sky by Itar 59-60

The Cleaving by Amy Judge 63

She Kent Lambert 64


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