Rock by Cam Martin (cover)

New Arrival by Kent Lambert 3

Le Sacre Du Printemps by David Zivan 4

Nightscape by Cam Martin 5

A Cry For Life by Kent Lambert 7-8

Untitled by Grant Young 9

Crazy Circle by Melissa Wellington 10

Untitled by Shelley Dickerson 13

*The Tall Boy by Lauren Williams 15-19

*Untitled by Shelley Dickerson 21

Our Native Images by Cam Martin 23-38

Untitled by Lauran Hannan 39

Psych 100 by David Zivan 41

Routine by Lauren Williams 42-47

Untitled by Shelley Dickerson 49

A Man's Descent to Hell, by Chris Rynd 51-53

Separation by David Zivan 54

Boat by Cynthia Hoag 55

Passage by Rosemary Walsh 57

Whales by Zachary Smith 58

Untitled by Lauren Hannan 59

Contributor Notes 61

"Editorial decision is shared equally amoung [sic] the Editorial Board members." - title page

"* indicates contest winner" -2

NOTE: The poem Crazy Circle by Melissa Wellington is listed as page 10 in the published table of contents but actually appears on page 11.


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