Seams by Jennie Dawes 7

The Milky Blue Water by Mark Livengood 8-9

Patchwork by Mark Livengood 10

Belle Epoque by Karen J. Hall 21

Ballad by Zachary Smith 22-23

My Grandmother's House by Karen J. Hall 24

Ghost by Jennie Dawes 27

What's for Dessert? by Jennifer H. Miller 28

Dreams by Kent Lambert 31

Postmarked Fort Hill by Jennifer H. Miller 32


A Fostoria Tale by Debra Benko 13-18

The Pile by Jeff Montgomery 35-40


untitled by Lauren Kronish (cover)

Standing by Heidi Rubin 3

Home, Part I by Heidi Rubin 4

Untitled by Dan Kirk 19

Infra-red (untitled) by Woody Woodroof 26

Florence, Italy (untitled) by Eliza Brown 29

Mwanafunzi by David Bloch 33

Joshua Tree by Susan McLain 41


"Editors share equally all editorial decisions." -2

NOTE: the artwork "Home, Part I" by Heidi Rubin does not appear to have been published, although it is listed in the table of contents for this issue and so is included here.


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