Article Title

Exile Vol. XXXIII No. 1



Treetops by Jane Smith (cover)

Wreath on Chair by Eliza Brown 1

Pencil Drawing of Wood by Holly Trotter 5

"Falling State II"-Dark by Terri J. Wolf 10

"Falling State II"-Light by Terri J. Wolf 11

"Secretly, Deep Down" by Terri J. Wolf 15

Water & Trees by William (Woody) Woodroof 19


Busting the Fence by C. E. McGinnis 4

Big Scissors by Amy Becker 14

The Woman Below Me by Karen J. Hall 8

On Choctawatchee Bay by David Zivan 18

H2O by Amy Becker 7

The Unfathomable by Amy Becker 3

Together, Bathing by Karen J. Hall 13

The Day Before by Debra Benko 17


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