Manhole by Linda Gates (cover)

Escape by Linda Gates 3

Spring by Aimee Creelman 11

Children on Bridge by Holland Behrens 19

Homestead Instead by Allison Lange 29

Infrared Exploration by Allison Lange 37

Seasons I by Aimee Creelman 47


My Mother Wears Yellow on Tuesdays by Joan R. DeWitt 5-10

Tilly by Theresa Copeland 21-28

The Rights of Spring by Leigh Walton 40-46


Learning to Knock by Amy Becker 1

Syndrome by Jeff Masten 2

Beauty and the Beasts by Leigh Walton 13

The Sound and the Silence by Teresa Woodward 14-18

The Dark by Amy Becker 31

By the Toussaint River by Debra Benko 32-33

Wish Dolls by Carrie Jordan 34-35

Bob's Mind Wanders in Class by Amy Becker 36

The Woman I Call Mother by Karen J. Hall 39


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"In honor of Mr. Paul Bennett, poet and founder of the writing program at Denison, of which EXILE is an expression."


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