Red and White by Karen Koch (cover)

Vicissitudes I by Claudia H. Donegan 1

Untitled ('84} by Kok Fooi Yong 11

Lines by Don Jacobs 15

Vicissitudes II by Claudia H. Donegan 19

Waltham, Boston, Winter of '84 by Kok Fooi Yong 25

Statue You by Claudia H. Donegan 29

Museum Sketch by Deanna Lynne Bridgeforth 41


Sheba by Theresa Copeland 4-9

Was There Really Someone in the Kitchen With Dinah? by Susan Hanlon 21-24

What Do You Say Liza Blue? by Joan R. DeWitt 32-40


Ode by Jeff Masten 3

Misdemeanor by Karen J. Hall 10

Aimee and Kate by Jennifer Miller 13

Bound by Betsy Oster 14

Drawing by Reid Benes 17

Great-Grandfather by Debra Benko 18

Grammy Hayes and the Infamous Beaver by Jennifer Miller 27

Seabed by Judson B. Curry 28

Gentleman's Quarterly (anonymous) 31


"Editors share equally all editorial decisions" -ii

"Special thanks to Susan Moran and Elizabeth Wright" -ii


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