Article Title

Exile Vol. XXXI No. 2


Plenty of Space by Carol Contiguglia (cover)

Dénouement by Jeff Masten 3

The Ballad of Old Bill Brown by Amy Becker 4-5

Elegy by Ann Townsend 6

Untitled by Karen Koch 7

Dénouement by Carol Mason 9-14

Untitled by N. R. B. III 15

A Lot in Common We Two, by David Zivan 17

The Sidewalk Taken, Kate Anthony 18

Upon Hearing Two Male Poets Read by Karen J. Hall 19

Leaves by Amy Becker 20

To Dad by Carrie Jordan 21

Attie Mae by Theresa Copeland 23-25

Oh, Henry by T. S. Elliott 26-38

Solitude; Normandy, France by Margie Boll 39

In Edgartown, Drunk, Stranded in the A.M. by Karen Kearney 41

Pink Feet by Catherine DuBois 42

Ensign in the Naval Corps of Engineers by Betsy Oster 43

Morning Haze by Stephanie Athey 44-45

Just Thought You'd Like to Know by Joan DeWitt 46-53

Art Class, A Study of Still-Lifes by Margie Boll 55

Contributor Notes 57

"Editorial decision is shared equally among the Editorial Board members" -cover page (credited here as "editors")



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