Article Title

Exile Vol. XXX


Black and White by Seymour Buffalo 1

Demosthenes by A. T. McMullen 2

Losing Face by K. Kiefer 3

untitled by Christ Paul 4

Graduations by Jay Krieger 5-6

Anonymous #1 7

Sorry We Are Close by Scott Schuster 8-25

The Roommates by Gregor Macdonald 26

Perfectly Good Words by Gregor Macdonald 27

Trees Fall Without Me, Would You? by Kate Reynolds 28-29

Anonymous #2 30

Here at the House by Joan Dewitt 31-34

An 11 year old Mother in Stanton, Tennessee by Kate Reynolds 35

In the Livingroom by Don Wenzel 36-40

Minimata by Seymour Buffalo 41

Innocent Intentions by Funkmahn 42

Bird to Brittany by A. T. McMullen 43

Fall Parent's Weekend by Jacqueline Ondy 44

"Cover Drawing by Jim Kenney"


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