Article Title

Exile Vol. XXIX No. 2


Photo by John Taylor 2

Poem by Ezra Pound 3

Photo by James Lundy 4

Balanced Budget by August West 5

The Lighter by John Zarchen 6-7

Photo by Theodore Granberg 8

Uptown by Christopher B. Brougham 9

Photo by Jeff Russell 9

Heartstrings by Pete Waters 10

Spell by Eric Stevenson 10

Mums by Mandy Wilson 10

A New Day by Chad Hussey 11

Photo by Chad Hussey 12

Solitare by Gordon Black 13-14

Photo by James Lundy 15

A Grave Day-Dream by John Zarchen 16

Photo by James Lundy 17

Photo by Pauela Theodotou 18

Reconciliation by R. T. Hayashi 19

Michigan Rt. 37 by Ruth Wick 20

Shenango Valley by August West 20

Photo by James Lundy 21

Drawing by Adrienne Wehr 22

Ultraviolet Blues by Kathy Shelton 23

New Orleans & The Silky Black Seams Of My Stockings by Kate Reynolds 23

Refraction by Pam Houston 23-31

Photo by James Lundy 32

A Midsummer Night's... by R. T. Hayashi 33

Couch sleeping by Eric Stevenson 33

Before We Could Build by Kim Kiefer 34

Photo by Chad Hussey 35

The Legend Of The Bear Mother by Amy Pence 36

Photo by James Lundy 37

"Cover Drawing by Peter Brooke" -title page


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