Group Poems From Sake Circle / Monologue. Polylogue. Mollylogue. (or: A musing of young writer as a poor man. Hee hee hee.) by Chris Brougham

Untitled Prose by Chris Paul

In A Room by Robert F. Youngblood

The Escape by Anne Gilson

Untitled Poem by Becky Hinshaw

A Cruel Hand by Chad Hussey

Shaking Heads in Copley Square by Gregory MacDonald

The Coming Age by Lynn Greene

Seduction by Jacqueline Ondy

Pointless Polarities by Ruth Wick

The Ladies From The Fairmont Unitarian Church Poverty Relief Fund by Sharon S. McCartney

Confessions of a Book Burner by Andy Acker

The Congress of the Gods by Tage Danielsson (translated by Ari Kokko)

Marble Bags by Mike Augusta

Monsters by Sharon S. McCartney

Unction by Bruce Leonard

Dust of Allah by Andy Acker

Buffalo Mountain by Sharon S. McCartney

One Marriage by Becky Hinshaw

Experience by Barry Pailet

The Wings by Leonora Cravotta

The Tale of Frankenstein's Average by Tage Danielsson (translated by Ari Kokko)

Want by Roger Butler / Cornpoem by Mike Augusta

"Cover Drawing By Peter Brooke"


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