Photo: Untitled by Jamie Bailey 3

Poem: "Hi, My Name Is" by Kathy Andrews 4

Poem: Untitled by Willi Haworth 5

Photo: "Stratified Snow" by Jim Lundy 6

Poem: Untitled by A. Pence 7

Poem: Akua'ba by Tona Dickerson 8

Photo: Untitled by Jim Lundy 9

Story: The Dogcatchers of Portimao by Debora Papierski 10-13

Photo: Untitled by Holly Hall 14

Poem: Tocopold Bloom: A Working Class Hero by Mary Ladky 15

Photo: Untitled by Cory Easter 16

Poem: A Mortal Wound by Peter Fish 17

Poem: Let Me Sleep by R. G. Trub 18-19

Photo: "Modified Cube" by Jim Lundy 20

Story: Untitled by Kathy Desmond 21-23

Photo: Untitled by Holly Hall 24

Poem: Untitled by Sharon McCartney 25

Photo: Untitled by Him Lundy 26

Poem: Every Morning I Wake by Peter Fish 27

Photo: Untitled by Rof Smith 28

Poem: For Mark Some Words by Bonny Lowe 29

Photo: Untitled by Jim Lundy 30

Poem: A Flash of Crooked Light by Lisa Minacci 31

Photo: Untitled by Jim Lundy 32

Poem: Paper Hearts by W. Dulles 33

Drawing: Untitled by Roger Weisman 34

Story: Untitled by Dane Lavin 35-42

Photo: Untitled by Jim Lundy 43

"Special Thanks To Laurie Howard" -1


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