Article Title

Exile Vol. XXV No. 1



Friend by John Marshall

Visiting Relatives by Cynthia Lanning Hahn

The Mud Lane by Eloise Haveman

The Petrification of a Wild Sweet William Blossom by Melissa Simmons


Three views of Granville by Scott Tryon (front cover)

untitled photos by Bogart and Jerry Brown

Landscape by Scott Tryon

Submissive Defiance by Bogart

Three things that Remain by Jerry Brown

back cover by Lindy Davies


A Photographer Documents Her Death by Chris Gjessing

three Haiku by Eloise Haveman

Morning by Melissa Simmons

Granite Travel by Lisa Minacci

did you year? by Bob McLaughlin

he's coming home again by Bob McLaughlin

David by Betsy Bates

Le Cafe de 'lUnivers by Ann Leopard

untitled by John Marshall

The Last Ramona Poem (fat chance) by Lindy Davies

Mother Told Me not to Play Next Door by Ellen Cox

Poems of the Inconsequentials by Eloise Haveman


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