Article Title

Exile Vol. XXIII No. 2



The End of East by Libby Thomas 3-12

Lilt by Andrew Calabrese 13

The Egg Lady by Nancy Jones 14-20

The International Man by Chip Finefrock 21-31


Theme and Variations Op.2, No 1. by J. J. Fuerst 32-38


"Thrown Out Of The Game" by Herberto Padilla to Yannis Ritzos in a Greek jail (Translated from the Spanish by José de Armas) 39

Plumb-Creek In Late Sunlight by Lenore Mayhew 40

untitled by Sharon Singleton 41

untitled by Sharon Singleton 42

A Dance Of Stones by Lawrence Weber 43-44

Carp and Crane by William McNaughton 45

Mountain Ash by Dawn Patnode 46-49

untitled by Mary de Rachewiltz 50

Kai Gar Onar Ek Dios Estin by William McNaughton 51

acute angles by Gay Parks 52

Annihilating All Made To A Thought by Tony Stoneburner 53

Dead Fish by Deneise Deter 54

Changing by Deb Allbery 54

Finish Lines by David A. Goldblatt 55

Malinche's Sister by Tona Dickerson 56

"Tarde en el hospital" by Carlos Peoza Veliz 57

"Afternoon in the Hospital" by Carlos Peoza Veliz (Tanslated from the Spanish by Joan Straub) 57

"Cuadrados Y Angulos" by Alfonaina Storni 58

"Squares and Angles" by Alfonaina Storni (Translated from the Spanish by Joan Straub) 58


untitled by Susan Hoagman 2

Self-Portrait or Darla by Julia Weatherford 59

untitled by Katy Booth 70

ESSAYS On "As For Poets" by Gary Snyder 60-61

Joseph Heller's Something Happened and the Problem of Community in Modern America by Jack Kirby 62-68

EDITOR'S NOTE by Lawrence Weber 69-70


"The cover ink drawing by Cathy Ries is entitled, Exercise In Exaggerated Contours."


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