Dust by Katie Tight 4-13

The Masculine Cure by Elizabeth Thomas 14-19

The Rats Still Sleep At Night by Wolfgang Borchert (translated from the German by Eric Fridman) 20-22

Largo for a Pelican by Morgan Wills 23-25

Role by Anne Tomfohrde 26-29

Goody Two-Shoes Meets the Cincinnati Kid by Kim McMullen 30-38

"In the Final Analysis (Psychological or Otherwise): A Review of Carl Jung's Theory of Art" by Issa Christian Halabi 39-42


"Here" by Fayad Jamis (translated from the Spanish by Joseph R. deArmas) 44

No. 236 by Dawn Patnode 45

No. 237 by Dawn Patnode 46

In my Room by Ulf Miehe 47

Saturday Night Lament by Woodrow Jones 48-49

Basho's Hut by Lenore Mayhew 50

From a Train: Ireland by Kim McMullen 51

Suggested by One Hundred Years Of Solitude by Martin Cloran 52

(to L. Martynov) by Yevgeny Yevtushenko 53

At Sea by Paul Bennett 54

Words In A Line by Lawrence Weber 55

a leave-taking by Debra Allbery 56

untitled by Alison Orleans 57

As The Water Whittles in Colour by Lawrence Weber 58-59

Falconsong or Falcon Song by The Man from Kurenben (translated from the German by John Kessler) 60


Introduction 62

Response from Hugh Kenner 63

Response from Mary de Rachewiltz 64

The Cantos: The "Vision" of Ezra Pound by William McNaughton 65-78


Cover sketch by Lisa Rope

Pound Photograph Courtesy of Bill McNaughton


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