by Sue Sartarelli cover, 24

by Chris Schulze 5, 24, 29

by Heather Richey 6

by Katheryn Riedl 7

by Jane Joldersma 10

by Jan Mosher 12

Pat Victory 15

Rona Rosen 20, 31

Arthur Ernst 21

Kim McMullen 24


First Time by Bud Foufos 3-4

Father's Last Party by Vic Coccimiglio 11

untitled by Catherine Bader 16-17

God and Sergeant Mays by J. Frank Burkhard 22

Pages of a Story by Peter Porteous 27-31


The Rest by Ezra Pound (preface)

In the Midst of an Echo by Phil Mercurio 4

Sierra Madre Prose by John Purcell 5

untitled by Sue Payne 6

untitled by Cathy Graff 6

untitled by Sharon Singleton 7

Big Al by Phil Mercurio 9-10

untitled by Sharon Singleton 12

Folksinger by Alison Orleans 13

Sweat Rebellion by S. Hunt 13

Blackgrey by Laurie Wharton 14

What is she to you? by Peter Porteous 18

"Pojects" by Mary Mueller 21

untitled by Dawn Patnode 25

The Barn by Mary Schloss 25


by Bruce Andre 1, 18

by Jane Joldersma 4, 23, 26

by Breese Olander 8

by Pam Purcell 8

by Loree Ruman 13, 14

Foster Schmidt 19

Chip Andreae 19, 23

Nancy Pickenson 26

Nancy Chorpenning 32

"Many thanks to the advertising agencie" -2

Pgs. 25 and 26 are out of order in the published edition and can be found between pages 8 and 9.


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