speckled day by Richard Carothers 3

Looking-Glass by Doug Cox 3

February fog scooves in by H. 8

Surface Tension by Glenn Bard 9

Closing by Doug Cox 10

southwest bazaar by Val Evans 16

Haiku sequence By Suzanne B. Dean 17

summertime by Richard Carothers 18

The Desirability of Being a Line by Laurie Wharton 18

The Blatant Morning by Phil Mercurio 23

sweet nothings by Linda Anderson 23

Alone In Bed by Val Evans 24

Walls and the Fallen Woman by H. 26-27

A Victim of Need by Suzanne B. Dean 28


by Tamera Iverson 1, 18

by John Bildahl 9, 15

by Anne G. English 25

by Richard E. Bergen 27

by Bruce Andre 28


The Road to Calvary by Sheila Rollit 4

Norwegian Sadness by Tamera Iverson 11

by Ann Merrill 16

by Jude Hasel 17

by Pat Victory 22

by Wilson R. Baldridge 26


To My Grandmother by Robb Knuepfer 5-8

First Monday in July by Joe L. Bolster III 12-14

Glad About A Lot Today by John Fergus 19-22

A city stands by Suzanne B. Dean 24-25


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