Article Title

Exile Vol. XIX No. 1



Play by Dick Cameron 3

by Judy Hasel 3

First Selectman by Carl Tillmanns 9

A Dream Character Writes of... by Dick Cameron 10

Org City by Dick Carothers 12

lying by Bob Smyth 13

Lover by Eric Odor 13

Sitting long by the benches by Vaughan Matthews 16

sitting on the step by Judy Hasel 17

O my love by David Toole 30

In the dampness of my place by Val Evans 31


Locus Significology on the Significance of Location by Rich Ottum 5-7

The Rift by Linda Phillips 8

Basic American History Workebook- October 3, 1992: "Chapter 9: The Ryatt Act" by Gary Parks 15-16

The Best Man by Heather Johnson 18-29

Untitled by Kgw 32


by Alex Hutton 11

by Ann Merrill 14

by Pat Victory cover, 17

by Sarah Stranglen 29


by Pam Purcell 1

by John Fergus 4, 21

by Bart Dean 9, 32

by Bob Dewey 10

by Nick Carlozzi 2


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