The Man And His Table by Al Werder 3

Ours by Debra Tucker 6

Running through rows and pile of leaves by Molly O'neill 12

Looking Glass by Alice Colthart 13

16 Years Old by Peter Porteous 14-15

a feather by Judy Meloy 28

I kicked summer's shed garments by Bruce P. Andre 29

Tuesday Afternoon by Juliet Lockwood 30

snuggled deep inside by Judi Hasel 31

Star Spangled Pterdactyl by Peter Porteous 44

Billy's by Suzi Harriss 45

Hong Kong by Peter Porteous 46

Ennui by Debra Tucker 47

pathetic collapse by Bruce P. Andre 48

In place of alphabet by Suzi Harriss 51

Encore by Richard Glaser 58

reflections disrupt by Judi Hasel 60


Eyes by Clark Blaise 7-11

Characters From New Mexico Life by Ardyth Hilts 16-27

Hospital Scene by Dennis Trudell 34-35

A Late Morning by Peter Porteous 36-42

Accident by Richard Glaser 52-57


Cover by Gail Lutsch

by Jane Demos 5

by Tom Coulter 10

by Maria Ramoki 13

by Vicki Haskell 11, 15

by Alex Hutton 20

by Pat Menster 31, 59

by Scott Kenan 43

by Ann Merrill 46

by James Lautz


by Kathy Kerschner 1, 2, 62, 36, 64

by Bruce P. Andre 7, 28, 49

by Bruce Marshall 32, 36, 42, 61

"to Paul Bennett, founder of Exile, teacher, 25 years." 2

The following previous graduates of Denison University contributed pieces of fiction to this issue of Exile: Clark Blaise '61 (Eyes 7-11) and Dennis Trudell '60 (Hospital Scene 34-35)


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