Article Title

Exile Vol. XVII No. 2



Grammer lesson by Julie Lockwood 5

Hunter by J. Barmeier 10

(rare) by Alice Merrill 13

November Leaf by J. Barmeier 13

In retrospect by Julie Lockwood 14

Weaving by Alice Merrill 16

SPETSE by Cary Anne Spear 17

View From A Garret To Infinity J. Barmeier 18

Morning after Reflection by J. Barmeier 19

A MINOR CHANGE AT DENISON U.? by Pete Porteous 30

Snowflak by J. Barmeier 32

LOVING by Curtis Hutchens 34

IRISH CONVERSATION by Cary Anne Spear 36

On This Planet by yasue aoki 39


Visiting Before The Mirror by Holly Battles 8-9, 31

Cypher by Keith McWalter 22-28


by Sandy Adams: Cover, 31

by Beth Newman 4

by Jill Harris 6, 13

by Ned Bittinger 7

by Bill Musgrave 12, 20

by Gail Lutsch 15, 18, 26, 29

by M. A. Albert 31

by Charlie Greacen 35

by Diane Ulmer 38


by Jill Harris 19

all others by Tim Heth


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