The Backyard Burial by Heather Johnson 9-11

French Persuasion by John Benes 18-22

In His Time by Keith Mcwalter 27-37

Time Ticking Off, Not Stopping by Holly Battles 39-40


by Roxy Sisson 13

by Bill Lutz 16

by Carol Belfatto 17

by Ned Bittinger 23

by Gail Lutsch 41

by Diane Ulmer 43


by Tim Heth 3, 4, 5, 7, 9, 12, 15, 22, 38, 40, 44

by Rip Odell 15

by Maggie Hernandez 26, 42


For G. S. & A. B. T. by Paul Holbrook 2

Picture Writer by Julie Lockwood 6

Youth by Rufus Hurst 6

Today I Watched Flies Without Wings by Alice Merrill 6

Room 102 by Alice Merrill 6

The Flick by Debby Snyder 8

For P. E. H. by Timothy Cope 12

In Memory of Gertrude Stein by Michael Daugherty 14

Apogee Analogy by Paul Holbrook 15

First Impressions by Austin Hartman, Jr. 16

Count Jack Playing Peasant by Alice Merrill 24

Cherokee Arrowsmith by R. Crozier 24

road runs down valley by Fred Hoppe 25

Singularity by M. J. Wallace 25

Love's Labour Lost by Tina Ostergard 25

Gnome by Cary Spear 25

"Design and Layout: Keith McWalter" 1

"EXILE is the literary magazine of Denison University. It is entirely student-run and student edited, and receives operating funds from the Denison Campus Government Association. Submissions are edited anonymously and final actions are made independently by each staff. Printed by Ace News, Heath, Ohio." 1


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