Observations At The Gap by Paul A. Dimitruk 4

Those Who Choose Words By Keith McWalter 5-6

On Victoria's England by Paul A. Dimitruk 7-8

"Facts Are The Enemy of Truth" by Nancy Gutierrez


Harmon by Barbara Mackey 22-25

Pilgrimage by Keith McWalter 35-44


by Wandi Solez: 6, 15, 23, 27

by Ken Wernz 10

by Stephen Swift 11

by Laura M. Hyslop 12

by Skip Staudt 19

by W. A. Hoffman 25

by Mary Ann Kowaski 34

by Jo Ann Orgo 40


by Roger Block 16

by Tim Heath- all other


My Poems by Susan Hallock 13

Counter-Fugue At Six-Thirty by Sherry Stodola 14-16

Apple Tree Poem by Darby Williams 17

When Snow Falls Into A Pond by Bruce Kidd 17

Woman-Man by Darby Williams 18

Transcendence by Wandi Solez 20

Paris Reflection by Wandi Solez 20

A Sleepless Night In Valencia, Spain by Wandi Solez 21

# 319 by Wandi Solez 21

Strange Lady by John Gillespie 26

Strange Lady II by John Gillespie 26

Where The Hell Is Rembrandt? by John Loveland 26

Years Ago by John Whitt 29

I've Finished Growing Now by Keith McWalter 29

Charisma by John Whitt 30

I Thought Of Cutting by John Loveland 31

Make Me Eat Peanut Butter by Fred Walton 31

The Cat by John Loveland 32

On The Rim by John Whitt 33

Undercurrent by Keith McWalter 33

Cover: Gail Lutsch

Layouts: Keith McWalter


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