God's Pocket by Robert R. Bowie, Jr. 5-12


The Wagon by John Anderson 18-19

An Infinity of Mirrors by Keith McWalter 23-25

Commitment by John Whitt 28-29

It began not long ago... by Linda Notzelman 32-33

Jaundiced Evening by John Benes 35-39


Paralysis Outline by Lauren Shakely 13

A Woman Reads Camus by Lauren Shakely 14

don't sell my rings by Lauren Shakely 14

Drift by John Whitt 17

Haiku by M. S. Wallace 19

To Begin W. K. Mayo 19

Dark is Right by Louise Tate 20

I am waiting by Louise Tate 21

My mother died as I shall die by Tim Cope 20

I never blamed you by Tim Cope 26

For Miss Didawick by Tim Cope 34

Separidian by Bill Whitmore 27

He walks on into by Whitney Carman 31

As Drowned Men Rise by Paul Bennett 34

The Tolling of the Bell by Keith McWalter 39


by Wandi Solez 4, 13, 16, 22, 36

by W. A. Hoffman 21, 30

by Stephen Sneeringer 27

by Christine Michael 19

Cover & Title Page Design: Keith McWalter

Layouts: Keith McWalter

"Publicity- Special thanks to Gail Moore and Karen Baker"

"Photographs courtesy the Sierra Club- From NOT MAN APART, Copyright 1965"


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