Haiku by John Anderson 2

It's the looking in the mirror by Larry Faso 3

There is a voice in me by Larry Faso 15

We fight along time by Tracy Mac Nab 8

During the night by Tracy Mac Nab 8

Illusion by Phil Cockerille 10

Mexico City '59 by Keith McWalter 12

Summer Correspondence II by Lauren Shakely 13

America Sings to Herself and Doesn't Hear by Lauren Shakely 15

eatin crawdads by Bob Martin 14

G. [unattributed*] 16

Finis Coronant Opus [unattributed*] 17

The Droplet Sea by Jeffrey R. Smith 17

The surrounding dismal forest by P. F. Galbraith 18


The Shadow in his mind by Cem Mehmet Kozlu 4-7

An Excerpt from a Novel in Progress by Dick Devine 19-22


by Tom Robinson 2, 12, 16, 18

by Bob Tauber 3, 8, 15

by Tom King 7, 9, 13

by Ted Hall 11, 24

by Clare Conrad 14

Mislabeled "Fall 1969"


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