The Garden by Joyce Horvath 5-8

Early Morning Man by Harvey Spurlock 12-24

28 Nisan 1960 by Cem Kozlu 29-35

Letters to the Editor by Rick Brown 39-55


World II by Jeffrey R. Smith 1-4

It is not for no reason by Bonnie Bishop 9

I have often wondered by Mike Engle 10

Without opera glasses by Trudi Spaeth 10

Differentiations in August by Alan Pavlik 11

Gold by Nancy Scott 25

With images by Trudi Spaeth 25

Grandpa by Karen Cozart 26-27

Meditation on a Line by Sylvia Plath by Lauren Shakely 28

Bantling by Francie King 36

Haiku by Suzanne Husting 36

I saw you yesterday by Rick Tucker 37

My Eyes Would Escape 38


untitled by Nancy Eastlake 8

The Diary of a Madman by Clare Conrad 24

Trumpeter by Bill Henderson 38

Untitled by Nancy Eastlake

Cover design: Kee McFarland

"With special thanks to Mrs. Louis Brakeman for her services."


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