Article Title

Exile Vol. XII No. 1



Elsinore by Alan Pavlik 8

Geraniums in Winter by Tom Getz 9

Clytemnestra by Sharon Hornberger 11-12

Panes by Bonnie Bishop 12

Vantage Point by Hugh Wilder 17

The Return by Alan Pavlik 18

Chiaroscuro by Bonnie Bishop 23

Poem by Gretchen Schenck 24

Waiting to Die by Kit Andrews 25

Poem by Trudi Spaeth 32

Dragon by Barbara Bergantz 33

After Alice by Barbara Bergantz 41-42

Reeds by Lauren Shakely 42

Inferno by Hugh Wilder 44


That Horrible War-Dream by James Jacobi 5-7

In a Family Way by Kathy Swiger 13-16

George by Buck Niehoff 19-23

Perfection by Susan Kurtz 27-32

Blue in Green by Alan Pavlik 35-40

The Streetcar Named Desire by Cem Kozlu 45-46


Whoever Dies, Dies in Pain by Nedra Veatch 4

Job and Patientia by Dan Thaxton 10

Specimen by David Goodwin 17

Isabel by Mary Davidson 26

Birds by Clare Conrad 34

Eli, Eli, Lama Sabacthani by Dan Thaxton

Cover design by Jamie Foster


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