Article Title

Exile Vol. XI No. 2



Don't Break Bread with Strangers by Thomas Getz 5-12

Story by Kathy Swiger 17-20

The Last of the Flag Pole Sitters 25-29


Muttering: A Letter by Gretchen Schenk 14-15

Poem by Jane Pearson 20

Marina in March by Karen Combs 21

of the pope too slow in recovery by Bill C. West Jr. 22

Poem by Jim Nichols 23

Poem by Judy Strange 23

Haiku by Bonnie Bishop 29


Pen and Ink by Dan Thaxton 4

Linocut by Richard Machlan 13

Etching by Lynne Wiley 16

Woodcut by Lela Giles 22

Charcoal by Carol Kubie 24


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