Article Title

Exile Vol. XI No. 1



By the Fire of the Chief by Peggy Schmidt 9-17

From the Diary of a Vanishing Man by Ed Brunner 19-29

Dialogue by Ken Booth 35-37


Johnny Joe by Bill West 6-7

Caterpillar by Barb Bergantz 17

Poem by Bonnie McCarthy 29

The Queen by Hugh Wilder 31

The Clown by Barb Bergantz 32

Poem by Gretchen Schenck 33

Treatise on Cosmology by P. M. Grout 37

Stimulus by Susan Sherwood 37

Depot by Susan Sherwood 39


Pen and Ink by Dave Goodwin 7

Pen and Ink by Ramona Gibbs 8

Pen and Ink by Tod Riddell 18

Charcoal by Dave Goodwin 30

Woodcut by Parker Waite III 34

Woodcut by Lela Giles 38


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