Article Title

Exile Vol. I No. 2



"Summer of the Anatolian Cyclops" by Nil Muldur 7-13

"El Patron" by Jim Bowman 19-26

"The Finishing Stroke" by Sally Falch 39-47


"The Fight for Free Will" by Dottie Cartland 14-18

"D. H. Lawrence and Classic American Literature" by Betty Logcher 29-32

"D. H. Lawrence" by Diane Hostetler 33-37


"Winter Forest" by Mike Cook 18

"Three Poems" by John Miller:

"Security" 27

"Kitten, When I Fold You" 28

Fable of Two Ages 28

"Subway" by Jane Erb 38

"Four Dances" by Midge Greenlee: "The Mikado" 48

"Cirque de Deux" 49

"Madronos" 50

"Gaite Parisienne" 51


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