"Louie, the Cab Driver" by Lynn Herrick 5

"Anna Dietrich" by Jane Erb 13

"Ground-Level Appointment" by Keith Opdahl 15

"Conveyor Belt" by George Mahon 30


"The Examined Life Re-Examined" by Doug James 10

"Concerning Flem Snopes and Benjamin Franklin" by David Schieber 24

"Who Fathered the Footnote?" by Diane Hostetler 28


"Carousel" by Sally Falch 12

"March and Yesterday" by Midge Greenlee 23

"Amusement Muse" by John Miller 27

"North Watch" by John Hodges 27

"Pursuit" by James Bowman 32

Three Poems by Jean Duncan:

"Venice" 33

"Innsbruck" 34

"Darmstadt" 35


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