Since we appear to be fairly comfortable using rights language in general discourse, the rights approach to ensuring a quality existence for future individuals is one that deserves serious consideration. This paper’s author begins his theory by analyzing concepts such as “right,” “claim,” “correct,” and “association.” He then examines the status of natural rights and the one absolute claim that seems to be valid on that front: “each human [who does or who will exist] has a right to survive to the best of his or her abilities.” Okay, but what duties and obligations are entailed? What is the correlation between rights and duties? The author believes the proposed absolute right logically requires an absolute duty, i.e., humans are obliged to adopt social practices that work to best ensure each individual’s absolute right. The author believes a few claims follow: we must have responsible procreation, we must bring humans into a constructed social world that is pleasant but not filled with destructive sources, and we must responsibly investigate future consequences.

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