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Campus Vol IX N 4


Howard Studio. Cover. Picture. 1.

Anonymous. Untitled. Prose. 4.

Cook, Mike. "misty Mood". Prose. 5.

McIntosh, Bruce. "Misty Mood". Picture. 5.

Pritchard, Joen. "In the Good 'Ole Summertime...". Prose. 6.

Stout, Prentice. "In the Good 'Ole Summertime...". Picture. 6.

Hodges, John. "How to Choose a Roommate". Prose. 7.

Tuttle, C. Untitled. Cartoon. 7.

Fenberg, Geo. M. "Students---". Prose. 3.

Wood and Knapp. "Jokes From the Jazz Age as Flips From Flappers". Prose. 8.

Greenlee, Midge. "Nine to Five". Prose. 10.

Anonymous. "Mr. and Miss Campus-1954". Picture. 11.

Anonymous. "Well Shut My Mouth!". Prose. 14.

Tuttle, C. Untitled. Cartoon. 14.; Miller, John. "The Drums of Ku". Poem. 14.

Hodge, Beth. "About Face". Picture. 15.

Rasor, Tip. "Sports Calendar". Prose. 16.

Anonymous. "Senior Will". Prose. 18.

Kull, Shaw. Untitled. Cartoon. 23.