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Campus Vol IX N 3


Shaw, Ted. Cover. Picture. 1.

Anonymous. "The New Yahker". Prose. 7.

Anonymous. "Professor Biddleton's Experiment". Prose. 6.

Hoh, Paul. "Good Night". Poem. 10.

Kull, Shaw. "Guilty". Cartoon. 11.

Shaw, Ted. Untitled. Cartoon. 12.

Jacobs, Wolcott. "The Belle of Balu". Prose. 12.

LeFever, Ogden Gnash. "The Tragedy of Herman Gath". Prose. 14.

Anonymous. "Habitual". Prose. 16.

Cook, Mike. "This is Jazz". Prose. 17.

Tuttle, C. Untitled. Cartoon. 16.

Anonymous. "More Books". Prose. 19.