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Campus Vol IX N 2


Tuttle, C. Cover. Picture. 1.

Howard Studio. "Miss Betsy Phelps". Picture. 2.

Troelstrud. Untitled. Cartoon. 4.

Anonymous. "Campus Calender". Picture. 5.

Aaybe, Nancy. "By Any Other Name". Prose. 8.

Sherman, Marj. "Gone Today and Gone Tomorrow". Prose. 10.

Martin, Lyn. "Six Weeks Old". Prose. 11.

Shaw, Ted. "'Twas The Night Before Christmas". Cartoon. 12.

Bogardus, Edna. "On Human Pageants". Prose. 14.

Swanson, Dru. "Nineveh Disclaimed". Prose. 15.

Dock. Untitled. Cartoon. 15.; Curry, Chuck. "Varsity Basketball". Prose. 16.

Shackelford, Duck. "The Freshman Rushing Primer". Prose. 18.

Anonymous. Untitled. Prose. 19.

Hodge, Beth. "Denison's Menaces". Cartoon. 20.

Kull, Shaw. Untitled. Cartoon. 10.

Kull, Shaw. Untitled. Cartoon. 21.

Clifford, Bob. "Christmas is For Everyone". Prose.23.

Anonymous. Untitled. Cartoon. 23.

Kull, Shaw. "Untitled". Cartoon. 23.