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Campus Vol VIII N 3


Thropoid, Andy. "A Resting Place". Prose. 0.

Anonymous. "DCGA Senate Medal of Honor". Prose. 1.

Anonymous. "DCGA Senate Medal of Honor". Cartoon. 1.

Scruff, Bennett. "The Scruffboard". Prose. 2.

Gummy, Luce. "Women... The Greatest Peril". Prose. 3.

Lefevre, Joe. "Duel At The Dophin". Prose. 6.

Muldur, Nil. "Teen Talk: Fight For Your Food". Prose. 8.

Miller, John. "Gentleman of Leisure". Prose. 10.

MacKimm, Brad. Untitled. Cartoon. 11.

Anonymous. "Movies Are Better...?". Prose. 12.

Anonymous. "An interview With a Campaign Manager". Prose. 14.

McIntosh, Bruce. Untitled. Cartoon. 15.

McIntosh, Bruce. "The Pinning". Cartoon. 17.