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Campus Vol VIII N 2


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Omundson, Marilyn. "Campus Calender Girls: March". Picture. 6.

Nuzum, Gret. "Campus Calender Girls: April". Picture. 7.

Nussbaum, Nancy. "Campus Calender Girls: May". Picture. 7.

Morrow, Bobbie. "Campus Calender Girls: June". Picture. 7.

Walker, Nancy. "Campus Calender Girls: July". Picture. 8.

Gregory, Mary Lou. "Campus Calender Girls: August". Picture. 8.

Dutro, Jacquie. "Campus Calender Girls: September". Picture. 8.

Woodward, Lee. "Campus Calender Girls: October". Picture. 9.

Thuma, Jane. "Campus Calender Girls: November". Picture. 9.

Drake, Mary. "Campus Calender Girls: December". Picture. 9.

Aabye, Nancy. "The Dividing Line". Prose. 10.

Anonymous. Untitled. Prose. 11.

Miller, Bud. "Denison's Two new Varsity Sports---Lacrosse and Soccer". Prose. 12.

Anonymous. Untitled. Prose. 13.

H and S. "From Here to Bexley". Prose. 14.

Shaw, Ted. "Vote Here". Cartoon. 15.

Mackimm, Brad. Untitled. Cartoon. 16.

Howard Studio. "Ricky Helmerichs, Sophomore". Picture. 17.