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Campus Vol VII N 2


Howard Studio. "Betty Janda, Junior". Picture. 0.

Bedell, Barrie. "Campus Affords Opportunity". Prose. 2.

Pierson, Pete. Untitled. Cartoon. 2.; Gould, James. "A Christmas Fable". Prose. 3.

Dake, Hart. "The House I Lived In, Or The Real Story Behind the Closing of The Pines". Prose. 4.

Adams, Rob and Bill Hughes. "Eastward Ha!". Prose. 6.

Wellman, Lynn. "Denison Debators Used to Winning". Prose. 8.

Gould, Chester. "The American Way". Prose. 9.; Dutro, Jacqui. "The Portable Christmas". Prose. 10.

Malcomson, Bill. "A City Street". Prose. 12.

Pierson, Pete. Untitled. Cartoon. 13.

Umphrey, Shirley. "1952 "Campus" Gal-ender Girls". Poem. 14.

Smith, Orlo et al. "1952 "Campus" Gal-ender Girls". Picture. 14.

Jacobs, Edward R. "It Came to Pass". Prose. 18.

Hodges, John. "A Native Returns". Prose. 19.

Pierson, Pete. Untitled. Cartoon. 21.

Hart, Herbert. "The Case of The Reticent Regurgitator". Prose. 23.

Potts. Untitled. Cartoon. 23.

Rounds, Dave. "Infamous Past Words". Cartoon. 24.

Potts. Untitled. Cartoon. 25.


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