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Campus Vol VII N 1


Howard Studio. "Janet Cuddy, Freshman". Picture. 0.

Clopp, Joy. "Cocoon". Prose. 3.

Dake, Hart and Don Shackelford. "F-L-A-S-H". Prose. 4.

Jacobs, Edward, R. "The Legacy". Prose. 5.

Martin, Lynn. "Oh, To Be A Freshman!". Prose. 6.

Dutro, Jacquie. "A Glimpse Behind The Scenes At Homecoming". Prose. 8.

Hawk, Pete. "Earl and Claude Go See Some Pictures". Prose. 10.

Umphrey, Shirley. "The Wedding". Prose. 11.

Brunning, Lolly. "The Story of a Russian Family". Prose. 12.

Potts. Untitled. Cartoon. 14.; Potts. Untitled. Cartoon. 15.

Pierson, Pete. "Famous Last Words". Cartoon. 16.

Hawk, Pete. "The Laugh's The Thing-". Prose. 17.

Niland, Dave. Untitled. Cartoon. 16.


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