Article Title

Campus Vol V N 1


Rounds, Dave. Cover. Picture. 0.; Rounds, Dave. Untitled. Picture. 2.

Olwin, Lynn. "homecoming". Prose. 4.; Trimble, John. "To Denison". Picture. 6.

Cover, Frank. "A Remembrance of Things Past. Or, "Gee, I'd Give the World to See That Ol' Gang of Mine". Prose. 8.

Opteker, Pat. "New Boy". Prose. 10.

Gould, Jim. Untitled. Prose. 11.

Rounds, Dave. Untitled. Cartoon. 11.

Yearling, Joe. "Pigskin greats of Yesteryear". Prose. 14.

Gould, Jim. Untitled. Prose. 16.

Gould, Jim. "Freshman Foto Quiz". Picture. 18.

Hawk, Pete. "Home Was Never Like This". 20.

Pierson, Pete. "Homecoming 1950". cartoon. 12.

Pierson, Pete. "A View of the Campus". Cartoon. 23.


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